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04-20-2013, 01:18 PM
How can I have fun when I fail an STF? Like fun, 'Fail' is subjective as well. a lot of people view being unsuccessful at achieving the Optional as a failure. To the point where they bail on the team. And hurry right over to complain about someone else to anyone who will listen. And it isn't hard at all to find a sycophant or two around here.

I seldom play STFs. I find them all boringly easy and mindlessly repetitive. When I do play an STF, my goals are 1) Survive to the end without respawning. Regardless of success or failure. 2) Accomplish enough to score a couple BNPs and some Omega Marks. The Optionals and the loot drops are not really worth the extra stress and heartache a lot of people are willing to put up with. A Purple Mk X Shield Array? woo hoo. I have no intentions of imposing the way I view this game on anyone else. Some people really do enjoy playing STF after STF after STF. It would be rude for me to tell them they are doing it wrong. When people give me advice, I listen. Just because I did not immediately accede to their wishes does not mean I did not hear them or I am willfully ignoring them. Unless the advice is presented in a snobbish, arrogant, thoughtless manner. Despite what numerous posts would lead one to believe, this does not happen as often as presented.

There are some things I do not find fun at all. Not being able to carry my share of the load during a team mission. Interfering with someone else's enjoyment of the game any reason. The common ones are I haven't played the mission before or I am new to the team. People who insist my ship/ Away Team should be an exact match for theirs. People who screw up a mission simply because they can.

Fun is simply defined for me. Did I enjoy the mission or episode I just completed enough so I will repeat it again? Did the Foundry mission I just completed challenge me enough so I want to play others by the same author? Did I enjoy being on the team enough I am willing to seek out these people again? And maybe join their fleet on a permanent basis? Will I do as well next time after changing my weapons out for a different type or swapping my Boffs around when I play this mission again? Will running this mission with a different ship next time be as rewarding? Am I enjoying myself enough I want to continue playing? Is there an alternate way to successfully complete this mission?

All of these questions are pretty much answered with either Yes or No. A No answer means I am not having fun and it is time to stop. For now. I can always try it again tomorrow. Or next week. I'd really like to have that just released brand new shiny. However, I most definitely am not going to chain myself to my computer for hours and hours just to get it. Like most things ingame, once it's there it's there all the time, So there isn't any rush to acquire it faster or first.
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