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Voporak: That is not important. All you need to know is that one's about to happen. Unless you want to talk about something else, I'll be on my way. *he turns to the science officer* Prepare to raise the cloak and trans-jump.

I would've expected you to try and have my head on a platter right now, but I guess not everyone is the same.

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Tucker: Lieutenant, if you'd please.

Ops: Aye sir.

*The Black Phantom loses Main Power, as the new weapons are deactivated, their control programs removed from the computer, and all the computer logs and records since Voporak's first appearance backed up onto the Dresden and wiped from the Black Phantom's Computer Core - including the schematics of the refit and everything to do with the ship's temporal technology.

It also accidentally wipes the replicator and sets the computer playing the trololol song on a loop.*

Err... the music was an accident sir.

Tucker: Did the rest of it work?

Ops: Yes.

*Tucker turns back to the Viewer.*

Tucker: What just happened, Admiral, is that we used your prefix code to wipe every record made after your first appearance in this time period from your computers. We also rendered your refit weapons useless and deleted the schematics for them.

Oh, and we also deleted every mention of any form of temporal travel you had stored in your computer.

Now, you can make a time-jump if you like, but it'll be the only one you can make from this point.

Personally, Admiral, I have nothing against you, but I have to uphold the Temporal Prime Directive. I can't allow you to be making time-jumps to every point imaginable in Galactic history. One encounter with the Temporal Starfleet is enough for me.

It's your choice; the Federation has no problem with you remaining in this time period and I won't stop you from making this jump if you really want to, but make sure you're making the right choice by you and your crew first. The Time Cops will still be looking for you, but we can protect you here. We both know you won't get that protection back in 2409. The Federation will hang you out to dry.
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