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Originally Posted by tpalelena View Post
I have been noticing that while the Tholians got quite strong shields, their attacks are also weak so its balanced out. They annoy you with weapons offline shots.

The Crystalline entity has now a nice beam damage, but it also loves to destroy your projectiles... could it get a prefernce for attacking players, not tricobalt devices?

But the one thing that makes it too hard is the Large Crystal fragment spam.
i know how you feel on the subject, but the shard spam and tholians are not my annoyance though, its everytime i am in range i keep getting a hit to my shields from the CE itself and i spend more time shield equalizing and healing then i can keep up with attacking the CE and each hit takes between half anf 3/4 of my shield quadrant each time and about 15% of my hull each hit, that CE beam attack comes every 2-3 seconds? so within about 12 seconds without any heals i would be dead. i have never been good at micromanagement before but i can do it on a push and surprisingly well. i just times i dont want to be under constant attacks.
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