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04-20-2013, 02:33 PM
As you'll probably notice, I'm a TOS purist. But I think my suggestions are reasonable for everyone


Romulan bird-of-prey-style warbirds up to endgame! I like the D'Deridex but I don't want to fly it. I want an oldstyle warbird.


Customisable starship interiors.

- Ability to decide which stations my officers are manning when I visit the bridge.

- When I visit the Tailor, I want to be able to create crew uniforms that will be worn by the NPC crew who wander around my ship. Perhaps one uniform for each of the three divisions? The same goes for my fleet starbase.

Also, customisable communicator/transporter effects - i.e. I can buy a 'TOS Communicator Pack', equip it, and when I beam up I'll flip open a TOS communicator and beam out in a gold transporter effect (with apropriate noise). Possibly a TOS tricorder effect, as well. I'd pay!

- A Tier-5 23rd Century ship. Not necessarily a Connie. The Klingons have a T5 K't'inga, justified purely by it 'still being a favourite with KDF officers' - can't the Constitution have stuck around for the same reason? Surely the embargo can be lifted, if enough people are willing to pay to fly the Enterprise! I'm not suggesting that a real spacefleet would really still be using an old ship design after 150 years, but this is only a video game. We can think of a way to justify it. I love the game, but I don't love having to fly around in 25th C ships that look like generic grey sperms

If not, there are plenty of other retro designs that I'd love to see. Just read a FASA Starship recognition manual.

- Alternatively, ship outfits that give your ship a vaguely 23rd-Century aesthetic - old nacelles, white hull, etc.

Long Term:

- The ability to upgrade ships and stay with the same one throughout the game rather than HAVING to trade it in for a newer model, when you level up. Crafting over time to add new consoles and weapons slots, upgrade bridge consoles, reinforce the hull, etc.

- RTS gaming! Maybe a multiplayer functionality. In a tactical map you could command a space station - or your fleet starbase - and build NPC ships to deploy against an enemy. Just point-and-click stuff. You could also play RTS games between fleets - having a whole sector block (or more) in a private instance, capturing star systems from each other, fighting to dominate the planet's surface, and trying to maintain a cohesive front.

- TOS-era gameplay. I'd love to have a see a completley seperate shard for the 23rd Century, or 23rd Century sector group accessible via time-warp. If not, there are plenty of excuses! Maybe a long-lost Federation fleet from the 23rd Century that'll give you improved, retro kit if you help them fight their enemies. Maybe duotronic computer tech is resistant to the borg? Maybe old-style warp drives are better in unstable areas of subspace? It doesn't matter - I want TOS!

To any Cryptic employee who read through all that, thank you, and May the Great Bird of the Galaxy Roost on your Planet!

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