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Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
Why it would not be the case?

Voyager is full of bull**** and you dont want to bring that up or I will bring up Borg ships had no shields and how Transphasic Torpedoes should be oneshooting then because that was on Voyager right?

Adaptation comes from the Collective analyzing the frequency and adapting the personal shields to block it but a Drone is NOT the Collective, the Vinculum was gone meaning they just working on auto pilot anyway and so lack the ability to adapt.
Seven's Borg shields activated and adapted to phaser fire without her being connected to the Collective, as seen in the episode "The Raven". Also, if Voyager is such bullsh*t as you say, why do you mention the Vinculum? That device was something purely made up by that show.
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