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Final battle of Tradecraft... Damn that's a lot of ships! But the big bad boss died basically as collateral damage in the massive opening exchange. Kind of anti-climactic. I think you'd get more storytelling bang for your buck if you made the fight somewhat smaller (why would the Tal Shiar bring more than 4 or 5 ships, one of them a D'deridex, to apprehend 2 criminals?) but then made the boss significantly tougher so that your little fleet had to actually pound on it for a bit.
I had that same problem too. Not sure when the lead ship when down, but it was pretty fast.

Honestly, I don't know that you need to alter the battle (I love the epicness of it), but maybe make it a two parter. Where the fleets fight it out, and then after the main Tal Shiar fleet is destroyed the Lead ship enters the fray and you have to battle it.

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resting fight than I think was intended.


Nice with a mission that utilizes the ship interior, but you need to add info on how to enter your ship - I do not believe that a new player knows how to do this at this point?
I could be remembering this wrong, but I do not believe this was the first time we did the ship interior. I seem to remember needing to be in my ready room at least once before.

I would also like to note, In Tradecraft I found a small graphical error. When Charva is in the brig, it seems like a piece of uniform is floating in the air next to her. Looks kind of like a piece of a cape piece. which is kind of odd since Charva doesn't wear a cape.