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Originally Posted by dkstarfire View Post
I actually don't quite understand what part of this event description was unclear.

3 weeks event time, 1 shard every 20 hours possible, 14 shards required for the big project, additional shards get you extra fleet marks.

Easy to comprehend, don't you think?

It takes about 10 minutes on average a day to get a shard, you have a margin of 7 days ( one third of the total event time ) you can miss it out completely and still get the big project done.
This is, in my opinion, a working approach for both hardcore gamers and the "average joe".

You can't complete the project because you can't attend it often enough? YOUR problem. Sometimes you just can't have everything.
The parts you stated of the event were not the aspects I was interested in learning. I wondered if this would be like the winter event where you can keep the shards after the event as I expected it to be repeated every once in a while.

Of the questions I had you haven't really had any insight, so I don't think you understand the questions i had from the first post:

1. Once the reputation event is done willl the CE reputation mission be stuck uncompleted on my task bar till the event comes back up? That has since been answered that there will be a delete button.
2. Are shards something I can earn once a day even when the event is not active? this was somethign i doubted, and I shouldn't have included because everything i read pointed to no.
3. Will the event reputation task or inventory be deleted once the event is over and my progress lost?

I travel often and if I can do say 10 of the missions in the timeframe then the next time it comes around I can finish it up, as long as the shards aren't deleted from my inventory. That doesn't seem like too much to ask and it allows me to complete the content, but I would feel better if they provided more details on the aspects of this game in the long term.

edit: also to nip your attitude a bit, i posed these questions to the GM and their response was they can't say how it would work out and didn't know if the shards would be deleted after the event either. That led me to post in the forums, so if my questions were that clear a GM didn't think so either. I just want to know because if partial completion can help out later than I would love to start. REally without the event or new marks for CE i dont see people doing it too much.

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