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04-20-2013, 06:34 PM
If i may throw my two cents into all of this. I was reading through and was reading comments like "Captial weapons hitting paper thin armored fighters....etc". I am a HUGE Star trek fan. I remember the space battles. Specifically watching the Defiant twist and turns and dodge ALL kinds of incoming fire.

I also agree with the possibility of a large ship being a replicator and mass photonic capabilities.

While the canon of start trek (since people LOVE to refer to it) is that replicators cannot be used to create an "instant" ship. However, this is not only a video game, but it also has things liek photonic fleets.

Let us move on to the fluff of the actual game.
In response, the Caiatins made here fierce Atrox Carrier available to starfleet. A true carrier, The Atrox has been upgraded by the Caitans and the SF CoE with modifications that give it some of the abilities of a science vessel, including subsystem targetting and a bonus to shield and aux power. These abilities allow the Atrox to support its fighters as well as other ships in its fleet.

That being said, who is to say what teh Atrox was "before" it was upgraded.

Now that being said. *giggles* What I personally think should be done is the devs need to expand on the fluff and allow the Feds to have a "Fleet" version of the Atrox. Remove its weapons or allow it to have 1 weapon slot fore and aft for set bonuses and the like. I think the fleet version. since the fluff stated that it was built to be a "true" carrier. Should have a third or even fourth hanger. Perhaps even a faster launch time of its fighters to account for not having its own weaponry. Every other "race" in STO is getting carriers, every other race has frigate class pets. and every other races ships were designed for the fighters to compliment/assist thier own warfare capabilities. I refer back to teh original fluff. True carrier, and science ship. So let us (fed Atrox) actually be able to shine and perform this role. Healing, buffing, and pets.