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This has probably been said... but "Mind Games" needs a trigger warning. I found the mission's beginning part, with the indoctrination, rather deeply disturbing, and I'm not particularly sensitive as far as things of that sort go. The nonconsual-ish implications - including your character's rage toward the end, and the slow removal of the player's control over their character's actions during the course of the mission - are rather brilliantly done, but that could make the mission VERY painful for certain people to play.
ummmm.... I gladly did all they asked! They never had to ask twice! I wanted to stay with them. Most fun thing in the arc was torturing the chick and stucking Borg parts on her. Wish I had stayed "brainwashed". What was painful was going back to being Dudley Do Right.

Just wish there were Feds in the tank instead of Bunnies.