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04-20-2013, 08:14 PM
@ ryan218 - I think this is the first one of your entries that I have read. Great job! I've also thought of Thalaron weapons being used by others. They must be so tempting...

@ marcusdkane - that was a unique way to introduce your officer, and I liked it.

I'll get to the other entries later.

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@superhombre777 - Wow. Short and sweet. It really presented the nefarious machinations of the Romulans. Just a few punctuation issues that plague our work.
The question marks drive me nuts!

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@superhombre777 - very nice little piece! I liked the way you set up your character. A bit cliched, perhaps (a research engineer fully absorbed in his work) but the stereotype is certainly accurate enough. But I really enjoyed your unknown operative. (Was he working for the Tal Shiar? Or for someone else entirely?) The ending was a little abrupt, but an enjoyable entry overall.
I have come close to the overcommitted line more often than I care to admit. In grad school I "had" to go to the lab in the middle of the night to get stuff done. In the corporate world, I had a manager who advised me against staying at work for days at a time since he did that and it didn't help his marriage. But I'm happy to say that I haven't started working with mobsters to send my kids to school. (Or at least I can't tell you publicly.)

Now I have to figure out who is pulling the strings...I will probably tweak the end some to make it less of a cutoff.