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04-20-2013, 07:28 PM
I know what the OP is saying, the shards are an epic to target.
Tab to target, for some reason even though Ive got it switched off, it will target a tholian 8km away off screen (and that is switched off, I triple checked it to make sure), Ive gone through countless settings and incarnations of settings to sort it but it just never targets what you want. It wont let you mouse over target either, for some reason you can never get that sweet spot to lock target.

The Tholians I also agree have a way high proc rate, in any instance, not just CE.
For example, a nice easy romulan marks in the nebula, go in and attack, weapons go offline almost instantly, use a weapons battery, fire 4 shots, weapons offline again, only this time batteries are in cooldown, so you have to wait for upto 15 seconds to get them back, fire another burst, weapons offline again. Its mega frustrating how many times they can proc. Far higher than any human player can. I counted in the romulan marks run, my weapons were knocked offline 28 times, 10 times in one engagement to free a D'deridex.