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04-20-2013, 08:25 PM
To the OP, how about you take 10 seconds and actually read the briefing?

Tychens rift, Tachyon Beam and Energy Syphon will actually stop it generating shards or cut it down drasticly. If you have a sci Boff loaded with those you will cut down on the shard spam. Also Torpedos and kinetic damage actually increase the shard generation.

Yes, the scenario is hard if you are too flipping lazy to actually read the clues given to you in the scenario. Read the manual

Also learn to steer with your fingers and click on stuff to target them. The large shards are huge. And don't sit beside the entity as the shards will hit you right as they spawn.

And frankly the CE is quite easy if you sit at 7km or more. I know that cuts down on your lovely cannon DPS. Deal with it and spray scatter volley.