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Originally Posted by sekusei28 View Post
Ok since starting In Shadows last night I have noticed one of my science officers abilities (Satra) won't work. I've moved her to a different station, removed all officers and set them back, even changed ships to the mogai and both Hazard Emitters and Transfer Shield strength on her will not work. Anyone else having this issue or had it but figured out how to get them to work?
I had this, removed the tal shir (sp?) deflector and everything worked again. I think that one is bugged.

Also, I believe its was enemy action, but one of the missions you are pretending to be Tal Shir (sp?), the Tal officer talks to yo and calls your ship the RRW (ship name here), Romulan Republic Warbird. I mean if they overlook that, I should have just asked them for the secret plans.
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