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04-20-2013, 10:27 PM
Stereoscopic 3D has been in it's infancy in PC gaming...for a long, long time. My GeForce2 Titanium (they didn't use the nonsensical "Ti" abbreviation until the 3 series) came with cutting edge shutter glasses almost 15 years ago. They were then, as now, a said to work on virtually any 3d rendered game, and then, as now, were a headache inducing nightmare in visual non-clarity.

The thing is, its not likely to get better anytime soon. Very few people get anything out of it. Due to the nature of how our eyes work, there is a portion of the population that simply can't see the 3d effect. There is another portion (me for instance) that finds it distracting and annoying. There is yet another group that would never spend a dime on such a gimmick. Chicken and egg rule follows, until you can at least get SOME mainstream acceptance, the system will never be standardized and perfected.

If id had really, really got it working perfectly on the Quake3 engine, it may have gained traction purely on the fact that every second game for 5 years was built on it. It fizzled then, and its fizzling again now. Check out the fire sales on shutter glasses on eBay and you'll see what I mean.

I honestly think its a waste of R&D money when simple things like positional audio and correct wide screen FoV are still atrocious.

I simply don't see any reason for Cryptic to spend any manhours on something that, realistically, less than 1% of the player base will ever use.

And let's be frank, some people just refuse to look any more dorky sitting at their PC playing an MMO than they already do. My lime green Razer headphones are the farthest down that road I can go without losing my self respect.