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04-20-2013, 10:43 PM
Some questions you can answer which will help to narrow down the choice.

- Do you enjoy the ships you use right now? If this is true then go with what you are already familiar with and enjoy using.

- How willing are you to spend Real Money? Some C-Store ships can be well worth the cash in terms of their added capabilities and are good entertainment value for the money.

- Please remember any ship is merely the shiny metal box in which we carry the cool toys. Poor utilization and the wrong weapons/console loadout can seriously affect your perception of a ship. It has taken me a long time to equip all of my ships the way I wanted so they are effective members of a team. Some of them I was tempted to give up on. But persistence paid off and now I am quite pleased with the results.

- Are you agonizing over the choices? If so, then stop it! STO is supposed to be about fun. Your own fun and entertainment are paramount(no pun intended). You want to choose correctly and you don't want to make a mistake. This is entirely understandable. However, part of learning how to play STO well is making mistakes. No one has ever played this game flawlessly or mistake free. Besides, if you choose poorly, you can always go back and choose again. No one is locked into a specific ship or class of ship. I have a Fed TAC who swans about in a Vesta. For no other reason than I like the Vesta. My Klink TAC uses a Vor'cha. Because I like the Vor'cha. My Fed ENG uses a Mirror Universe Advanced Escort. 'Glass Cannon' my foot! lol. It's pretty tanky if I do say so myself.

In the end any choice of ship should be yours and yours alone. All the rest of us can do is suggest what we use. Which you may not like. And if you choose what we suggest and that choice makes the game not fun for you, then we have done you a disservice.