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04-21-2013, 01:07 AM
As Jornado said the whole 3D thing is a hugely recurring fade that for some reason just won't die for good. It seems like once a decade someone decides to go back and give it another try but it never really lasts long enough for the technology to really be improved enough.

Virtual Reality technology has suffered the same way because when it was originally designed the computers of the time were completely underpowered, and people were so disappointed in it that it has never recovered either. Unlike 3D however, VR tech has really improved, but the lack of demand makes it very, very expensive.

However the base problem still exists, and that is that you'll never get the full immersion effect your looking for with 3D (or VR for that matter) in a game that isn't persistent First person POV.

*side note:

The purpose of bringing VR into the conversation was for comparison of another somewhat similar technology and the similarities in their R&D life cycles.

VR technology has actually drastically been enhanced with HD screens, better head tracking, semi-positional audio through surround sound headphones, and because of the increase in computer graphics evolution the ability for depth of field perception post-processing creating a more 3D environment without lost of clarity over 3D standalone technology. Difference is you can pick up a pair of shutter glasses for like 50 bucks whereas a good VR setup (without data gloves) can easily run in the thousands or more.