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Originally Posted by voicesdark View Post
It'll be really interesting to see where the number lay after the excitement of a new faction wears off.

There are a lot of people that have been saying they've been waiting 3 years to finally get to play as a Romulan, and that hardcore group most likely won't go KDF. Remember Romulans are deceitful honourless dogs and Klingons are Barbaric Neanderthals. If people choose to go with the long established history between Romulans and Klingons over the STO storyline, then people will go Fed.

I've seen people in this thread talking about people should go KDF alliance because of the KDF consoles and that FED consoles are bound to certain ships. Actually very few of the lower tier ship consoles are actually bound to a ship type so that logic doesn't really apply.

In the end the only things that will really be a factor for player population are if Cryptic creates content for all three factions equally and a players personal interest.
Thats the point, since you will only have access to lower tier ships then kdf is your best bet since they have more low tiered ships than the feds. I did a breakdown a while ago. I may even update it.
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