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Originally Posted by voicesdark View Post
Yeah, but if you're going to play a Romulan then why would you want a KDF or FED ship to begin with, and as far as special ability consoles how much of your list gets zeroed out because they are cloaks/cloak modifying, now available cross faction or the singularity core abilities negate needing them?
Well its more about available choices for me. The kdf simply has more options for the levels where I could actualy use one of their ships.

And since all the cstore ships after ra have bound consoles the kdf also hase more available console options for me should I choose to buy a ship.

Plus, Plasmonic leech, Only always on console available, also the only one I fine I use on a regular basis. And I think one of the coming rom ships has an always on shield stealing console ability.
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