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04-21-2013, 03:52 AM
Here are my notes from the first play-through of this story arc

An Inside Job

There are many typos and punctuation errors in this mission - especially in the initial hail, but also when talking to Drake and Tal'Mera. It needs to be read through and corrected! The same goes for the information in the isolinear chip that is given to the player.

Enemy Action

When warping into the system, all my bridge officers were once again not slotted. This part of the mission was rather frustrating - it took a long while to take down the decoy ships, only to have them warp out at ~7% HP and give me around 3% objective completion.. And the fact that one ship always seemed to spawn to attack whenever I tried jamming a station or feeding false information made it an even more painful experience.

After the interrogation, the action button to talk to Subcommander Khimek is labelled "Speak to Khemek".


Really cool mission, the inside of the Borg cube is really well done, especially the hollow area. And the small cutscene when you first beam into the cube too - it's little touches like that that really adds to a mission!

The Borg in this cube doesn't seem to adapt - I think it would be better if they did, and then add info on frequency remodulators and how to use them. This could be a good mission to introduce new players to the Borg and teach them how to overcome their adaption mechanic.

Also, Captain N'Vek was constantly at 1 HP (but not dying) during the protect phase - perhaps it would be better if he just had a ton of HP?

After beaming out of the cube, a boff notification appears, and it is the same one that appeared when we first saw the cube earlier in the mission. During the battle with the cube, I was unable to use one of my ensign science skills (hazard emitters).

Cloak and Dagger

Some spelling errors in the initial hail from Janek. Otherwise a really well done mission!


Great mission! But slightly odd that we slaughter the Reman guards, then suddenly we're allies against the Tal Shiar.. Oh, and the gateway room looks like it has straight out of Stargate SG-1
During the gate room cutscene, there are lots of commas missing in the dialogue between the player and the bridge officers. Also noticed a few instances where "there" was used instead of "their" and "your" instead of "you're". Might be good to proofread this mission as well.

Mind Game

It's an ingenious mission, I especially enjoyed the part where we have to unlock the doors. But would it be possible to hail Khimek no matter where on the ship you are? My short-term memory struggled to remember everything that I had to get and where to get it at once. I would have marked this as an awesome mission, but forcing us to kill epoohs.. not cool :/ That last space battle was pretty tough.
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