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04-21-2013, 04:26 AM
Originally Posted by johnsteward View Post
The fact remains that high dps (say above 10k) is a team efford. You cant take one of these numbers like 18k and assume thats what this player would have done in a pug game so in the end those numbers are worthless. Nice somehow but worthless. Its nice to see the elite stfs go fast and i dont say its not possible just saying that talking about dps is as much about your own setup as it is about your team.

lol not to turn this into a flame war, but you really are cluless.
and id put money on it that your probably low end dps too!

while it is true that the team effort helps i and many others can get 14k+ in pug groups without a problem, just because you cant doesnt mean its not possible

so instead of trying to devalue other peoples achievements, because you cant do them why not try and get better and maybe learn from other people who are better

if you wanna run a pug group with me you can ill prove to you, also look at KASE video where players pretty much SPLIT UP the entire run targeting different targets 17k still acheved right there dispite all the excess flying about and high resistance, in the discription there is a downloadable link to the combatlog.log if you wanna check my damage out on your own parser.

oh and ferdszo your trolling was funny in the first post now your just looking a bit stupid/pathetic.