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04-21-2013, 04:48 AM
Good missions, a bit easy, and really too easy when there are allied npcs, since they can handle it without your help. That's what I tried to figure out, you can sit and do nothing, the allies will complete the task for you. Very frustrating.

I can easily imagine a player reading Haverson telling him he's a great fighter even if he has been blown up 3-4 times. I'd be quite frustrated if I were this player. You see the NPCs playing the mission for you and then congratulating you.

I remember having a lot of fun during the first federation episodes, they were really more difficult, I had to respawn a couple of times per episode since i was a beginner but it felt really more rewarding. Here there are only basic NPCs you can headshot with your lvl 1 free weapons all along the arc. I miss the boss fights and mini boss fights.

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