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04-21-2013, 05:59 AM
its not about moving about or avoiding shard spam with me, i couldnt care less if that stuff hits me, my torps will finish that off, but again its being hit by CE "beams" you know the pink/purple beams coming from the middle of it shooting at 6 or more targets at the same time?

i recently and completely overhauled one of my more longer standing characters in this game of 2 years from DHC Quad cannon setup with Hargh'pengs to Photon torpedo boat and even with the covariant shield, field gen, positron deflector and adjusting the boff for more survivability. it still is not enough to keep up with it.

i would just like the CE to randomize the attacks on players instead of focusing on one group of players all the time, im one of its favorite targets for punishment no matter which character i choose, regardless of threat. othertimes it doesnt hit me and i have its threat, it doesnt shoot me and sometimes i have its threat elsewhere and it shoots me. the whole thing is a bit odd.

all the times on all the enemies i run across when i pull threat, it turns around and starts attacking me as it should, not ignore it. and when i am not pulling threat it should completely ignore me. to an extent the target priorities of the CE may not be correct.

still, all this is a good chance to vent.
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