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...If you're a fan of science ships though, I will highly recommend the tactical Vesta. It has a fragile hull(meaning shields are very important), but it's also flexible enough to perform just about any role you throw at it(the only exception I can think of off the top of my head is a minelayer - which only ships with commander tactical bridge slots can truly shine at).
My TAC flies a Surveillance Vesta. I have the other two as well but I seem to be more effective with the Science variant. I mounted one Transphasic Mine Launcher Mk XII [Dmg]x3 aft. I did not mount any consoles which improve mine damage. The other two aft weapons are turrets. I wanted a stinger or, more often, a quick shield to make my escape behind. With Dispersal Pattern Beta, I can sometimes make a bombing run as well. The hull is kinda light, but the shields are decent enough to make a firing pass or two. This setup works well on the Recon and Engineer variants but like I said, I've had more success with the Science variant.

"Negative Red Five. Set up for another run. Come in fast and hard. Lost Dutch. Lost Tyree. They come at you from behind..."

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