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04-21-2013, 07:59 AM
if there was a deuterium/antimatter reserve this would work since emergency power is technically a battery reserve of some sort

this was ideas for fixing needless micro in shield
Originally Posted by skollulfr View Post
shouldnt require micro in the first place.
easier if it was a constant transfer rate inherent to all ships as is with a rate derived from shield systems + electro plasma system + shield power setting / X =

then tac team could get a 10% 15% & 20% boost to that rate
Originally Posted by haravikk View Post
This sounds like it would be perfect; I'd do it something like:
  • Shield distribution has its own shield transfer magnitude that is basically power transfer scaled by shield power setting.
  • Shield Distribution DOFFs provide a flat shield distribution magnitude bonus.
  • Tactical Team provides a larger flat bonus to magnitude for a limited time only.
  • Magnitude is converted to a transfer rate using a diminishing returns scale, so it can't get higher than say 30%.
  • The transfer rate is the amount of hit-points per second that can be transferred out of your other shield facings to bolster the one that you're diverting power into. So with the full 30% you're restoring up to 90% of the chosen shield, but will quickly weaken your other shield facings in the process.

This way there would be a bunch of ways of gaining improved shield distribution, without even having to use tactical team at all. Cruisers with engineers should find it fairly easy to do as they can just throw an EPS Flow Regulator onto their ship and maybe take a couple of shield distribution DOFFs, giving them constant transfer rate. Meanwhile escorts can favour tactical teams to improve their transfer to forward shields when they most need it, without having to stock up for constant distribution.
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