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04-21-2013, 08:07 AM
Like the other story arcs, I liked this one a lot. My complaints are, again, too many typos. Whoever is responsible for spell checking, needs to recheck the text in the story arcs. It's distracting during the missions.

The lighting in the Romulan Flotilla is TOO DARK. I had a hard time seeing where I was going, and seeing consoles and pillars and such. I'd recommend increasing the lighting on the Flotilla considerably.

I would've liked to have more interactions between the different delegates of the Federation and the Klingons, before making a decision on which side to ally with. Subcommander Nadel even tells you to ask questions of each rep before making a decision, but there were no questions to ask.

Also, I'd like the Federation delegate to be of a recognizable race, instead of a random alien generated one. In fact, a Vulcan representative of the Federation would be even more compelling, seeing as how D'Tan and the Romulan Republic want to work towards reunification at some point.

Otherwise, this story arc blends in nicely with the other two. There is no break in the transition from the first story arc, to this one, to the next one. Superbly done.