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04-21-2013, 08:08 AM
Newbie here who has spent a long time studying sto mechanics and whatnot.

The below is my "end-game" *cough*dream*cough* ship, that basically is supposed to serve as a hybrid healer (both hull and shield), a somewhat capable debuff cleanser, and a tank (on occaision).

(Note: This was heavily inspired/influenced by Renimalt's healer oddy, so that's why some aspects will look similar. Thanks ren for posting that build!)

Captain Class: Engineer
Rank: Vice Admiral
Ship: Star Cruiser

BOff Abilities:

Cmdr: EPtS 1, EPtS 2, AtSIF 2, ExtS 3
Lt. Cmdr: ET1, AtSIF 1, ExtS 2

Lt: TT 1, TT 2
Lt: HE 1, TranSS 2
Ens: ST 1

Shields: MACO
Engine: MACO

x2 Damage Control Engineers (AtSIF form)
x3 Shield Distribution Officers

Fore: x3 Phaser BAs, x1 Omega Plasma Torpedo
Aft: x3 Phaser BAs, x1 KCB

Items: Deuterium Surplus, Shield Batt, Aux Batt, Subspace Field Mod

x2 Neutronium Alloy
x1 SIF Generator
x1 Field Generator
x2 Emitter Array
x1 Phaser Relay
x1 Assimilated Module

I know that the MACO set (excluding shields) isn't very good, but the Omega set seems more escort-oriented and I have......issues with the Borg set (mainly because of its appearance). Additonally, the weapons I intend to upgrade to fleet elite-spec (the BAs, at least), the ship itself to the fleet variant, and -once I actually have money - swap the plasma torp for a wide-angle quantum and the SFM for a Photonic Displacer. Finally, is it possible to get more "bang for my buck" with a different doff setup?

Sorry for the wall o' text and my adruptness - as I was typing this my semi-decent pc was downloading the f2p game client.... (now patching the game)