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Originally Posted by disposeableh3r0 View Post
You noticed how quiet it after it happened? Alot of those "the sky is falling" posters suddenly evaporated. I think they were hoping no one noticed.

It also isn't just about the consoles. I prefer disruptor weapons. And the kdf fleets get elite disruptor weapons.
Yes I remember the threads were so angry and violent about Feds getting Leech and the Maco shields that most had to be shut down.

The KDF posters were getting out the pitch forks and marching toward Cryptic.

They said it would be GAME BREAKING - Super OP - unfair advantage - on and on.

Then poof they got Adapted Maco and kept the Leech and all talk about it being OP and game breaking came to a screeching halt - dead silence -hoping no-one would notice that they now had what they were saying was unfair and OP.

Don't worry - before the next lock-box us Federomulans will be making the topic a #1 priority - especially with the reduced power levels for Romualn ships! My Klingomulan will need something from the Fed side but what do they have?

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