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04-21-2013, 09:34 AM
Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
What you're seeing are placeholder costumes on ships that are not complete -- the TOS Warbird is a T1 ship only.

Well, here's hoping they at least look like clear derivatives of the T'liss. 'cause I'd take joy in that, too. Otherwise I'll fly D'Deridex like all the TNG Johnny-come-latelys.

Originally Posted by pendra3780 View Post
Why does this have "MONEYGRAB" written all over it? The thing is not even out yet.

In normal economics, decent products get decent revenue. You deliver something good, you get good money in return.
Preorders of the Samsung Galaxy S4 are already sold out. I've got several video game preorders currently outstanding. The entire Kickstarter system is essentially preorders funding everything from hardware to software to services. Economics moves on; there was a time when people were complaining that currency was a ripoff, that in "normal economics", you trade chickens, and get good bread in return.

"moneygrab" has been redefined as "anything I don't want to buy" in these forums lately. It's unfortunate when useful terms are blurred like that.
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