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04-21-2013, 10:06 AM
I'll add my 2 EC, i have both AOE and single target abilities, so i use rapid fire and scatter volley as I can adapt to the combat environment, lets say someone uses a grav well and get a nice number of spheres bunched up, rapid fire is a waste in that scenario, so scatter volley is the better option, it's the same with with torps, i use both high yield and torp spread abilities. With the armitage, the point defense console is a must have for the borg heavy plasma torps, even though it fires once every 3 minutes, not a game changer but still useful. I agree on the armor, it's an essential requirement, same with emitter arrays.

For your engines, shields and deflector, if you are looking for better defense, get the MACO set, if you want better attack, go for the Omega set, until then use the Borg set.

Weapons wise, DHCs and a torp are better than beams on any escort for the fore weapons, have turrets on the back.

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