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Greetings 5th Fleet SOD,

My name is John Norman, or at least the toon I play as on the Federation side. Currently in game I am a Vice Admiral with the 77th Fleet Elite Squadron. I have been observing your fleet for quite some time and have taken a great interest in it. Including for the style or in character rp, and gaming community as well with in a fictional Star Trek Universe. Currently the 77th focuses on PVE, STF's, Fleet Events, Dylithium Farming, and Special Events as well. While they are a great fleet and I still hold them to heart as well, there is also that fun rp it slightly lacks. But overall an awesome fleet to hang out, cut loose and have fun. The toon I currently play as is a Federation Vice Admirial Tactical. Commanding in my flotilla: Armitarge Heavy Escort Carrier-USS Ragnarok, Caitian Atrox Class Carrier-USS Boelthor, and the Mirror Universe Patrol Escort-USS Woden. I also have a Breen Chel Grett Warship-USS Jotun, and Ambassador Class Cruiser-USS Ellohym both waiting in dry dock to be outfitted.

I have been playing STO for about 6 months now and have been looking for a good rp group out there. I have hoped even at one point founding an Expeditionary Strike Group for both rp, and gaming as well on STO. I hope in due time we can meet and exchange both mutual ideas as well as mutual understanding of one another as well. I have been a big fan of Star Trek, as well with Star Wars too going back to when I first remember seeing Star Trek IV when I was a kid, and TNG too on tv. And that was back in 1987 when first seeing Star Trek IV. I was born in 1979. So yes Star Trek has been a part of my life as well with other sci fi's too. I have been doing rp since 1998 doing both fantasy, sci fi, and some horror based rp's. Mostly Marvel, Star Wars, Star Trek, and some in other fantasy type like Gor, and Conan type rp. I am always open to ideas, as well as trying new things.

Thank you hope to hear from you.

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