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04-21-2013, 10:36 AM
Originally Posted by zeuxidemus001 View Post
Me too...

Sci officer Mitra on my romulan *only* toon can't use hazard emitters.

Sci officer with sci team Hiven can use science team though.

Edit: Beside the little mistakes which could be a language barrier from what i've seen... These have to be some of the best missions made yet. I've just been like wow look at that
Me too. Plus, I trained a new Romulan boff I got with hazard emitters and had the same thing happen to him. I ended up with two romulan sci boffs with a hazard emitters power that I could not use. Interestingly enough, the tier two power of polarize hull worked find on the same boff. Also, Science team seemed to work for me at tier 1 as well.

My character was a tac btw.