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04-21-2013, 11:57 AM
We went ahead & bought new RAM (Corsair Vengeance) but the game errors remained. I considered that the HDD might be faulty, but it didn't make sense - - we just bought this machine not 3 months ago and it's been working fine except for after the 04/04 update (seems to be the common starting time for errors as it is)

SO. What I did was systematically delete the hogg files in the Live/piggs folder as has been repeatedly suggested in many threads, but this, again, solved diddly squat. The errors remained.
I got to thinking, and became convinced that the errors weren't originating in that folder.

I browsed all the folders in the /Live folder, and deleted everything in the following folders:


I ran the launcher after that, and had to re-patch about 14 gigs' worth of files, but the end result surprised me. The errors have ceased. I should have just deleted one folder's contents at a time to narrow down which was the culprit, but at that point, I was just so far beyond irritated, and my husband had had enough of the errors and began 2 threads about it.
2 accounts crashing now.

I don't understand why deleting STO & re-downloading didn't wipe the errors, unless there's faulty files in the install. Deleting these folders' contents forced a re-download of fresh error-free files, so if anyone's having similar problems with deleting the files in the Live/piggs folder, try those 3 and see if you get the same result. Just be warned. Like I said, it's 14 gigs of fresh files, so be prepared to be patient.