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04-21-2013, 01:03 PM
Originally Posted by nyx219 View Post
We went ahead & bought new RAM (Corsair Vengeance) but the game errors remained. I considered that the HDD might be faulty, but it didn't make sense - - we just bought this machine not 3 months ago and it's been working fine except for after the 04/04 update (seems to be the common starting time for errors as it is)

SO. What I did was systematically delete the hogg files in the Live/piggs folder as has been repeatedly suggested in many threads, but this, again, solved diddly squat. The errors remained.
I got to thinking, and became convinced that the errors weren't originating in that folder.

I browsed all the folders in the /Live folder, and deleted everything in the following folders:


I ran the launcher after that, and had to re-patch about 14 gigs' worth of files, but the end result surprised me. The errors have ceased. I should have just deleted one folder's contents at a time to narrow down which was the culprit, but at that point, I was just so far beyond irritated, and my husband had had enough of the errors and began 2 threads about it.
2 accounts crashing now.

I don't understand why deleting STO & re-downloading didn't wipe the errors, unless there's faulty files in the install. Deleting these folders' contents forced a re-download of fresh error-free files, so if anyone's having similar problems with deleting the files in the Live/piggs folder, try those 3 and see if you get the same result. Just be warned. Like I said, it's 14 gigs of fresh files, so be prepared to be patient.
Actually there is a very good chance it might have been an error with your HDD. I've scratch built over 100 computers over the past 15 years, and in that time I've learned 2 things when it comes to computer hardware. 1) Despite all the best QA, there are situations that can happen after QA that can cause components to be faulty right out of the box. can't even count how many motherboards and HDDs I've had to return. 2) There's no such thing as "it can't be <insert component here> because we just bought this". In the first six months don't discount anything as being faulty.

It might have just been that in the process of doing all of this that the files were placed on a different section of the HDD that isn't corrupted. Run a Disk Cleanup, then after that restart your computer, then run the Error Checking. The Error checking will need to restart your computer and it can take a while to run especially if you have a large hdd or a lot on it.