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Originally Posted by marc8219 View Post
Weapon malfunction when fully specced is lasting way too long, it should top out at like 10 seconds since there is no skill to spec into to resist it.

Cover shield spam is pretty bad when a team has multiple engineers spamming it, last match it was almost impossible for either side to shoot anywhere because each team had 3-5 eng with it. Make the shield a little smaller, decrease its hitpoints, increase the cooldown, and decrease the duration it lasts before despawning please. Buff support drone a little to compensate engs.
I am having trouble deciding if this is a joke or not :/ You don't need skills to resist weapons malfunction. A power cell clears the whole freaking thing. Don't forget about the dmg debuff weapons malfunction leaves on up to 30 seconds after the weapons disable clears off.

As far as cover shield spam. LOL I won't even bother responding to this as it just cracks me up. I mean nevermind the fact that the opposing team can't shoot through cover shields as well!

Now if you want a real joke to run wild with let's get some doffs for cover shield Hmm what could they do?

If you are reading this bort please I implore you totally disregard what this guy says.

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