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04-21-2013, 02:09 PM
I got fleet advanced weapons, and blue mark XI weapon consoles. I tried fleet quantums or hyper plasma torpedoes.

Spread them, volley them, its all miss, miss, survive, miss, miss miss. Elite stf cubes are easier and faster to kill :/

And the problem is, if they come from the entity I try to click on them. I can't. The click targets the entity.

Anyway, there is an easy fix. Just sit at 9km, and do low dps.

And then go watch a star trek episode, while autofire does the rest. That is not hard at all, true.

Also, the only problem with the Entity purple beam is that it shots down your high yield stuff.

Otherwise, it really does not do a lot of damage, even after the fix. I would be happier with a stronger beam attack and weaker shards.

Weapon batteries got a 2 minute cooldown.

Energy weapons do little damage, hence torpedoes are a good idea to use. Also, not all ships got a lot of science BO slots.

The shockwave is quite easy to survive. Just put the subspace modulator on, EMPTS, maybe hazard emitters and transfer shield strenght. Even an escort will survive it with 50% hull after shooting at it non stop.
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