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Umm no. Weapon malfunction can very well save your life when faced with an Elite Tactical Drone or two or three, or when you are looking at a team of 20+ Drones. As for the duration, the weapon malfunction lasts only just long enough for you to either find a hiding spot where you can use your heals, or to finish off the Drones (IF you are lucky), so the duration of the Malfunction very well will save your life if timed well enough. Or when you are facing Manus or Armek, both of whom can and WILL one-hit kill you, so the Malfunction can very prevent this if you time it correctly.

The same is true of the cover shield. When you are looking at AN ENTIRE PLATOON of Drones, but you only have a total of maybe 10 hit points left, the Cover Shield is what will give you at least a second or two to use your healing abilities before the Shield gets destroyed. And again with the Elite Tactical Drones, the life of the Shield actually becomes quite short. You may only get 4-5 seconds before even just a single Elite Tactical Drone just destroys the Shield outright, so you need to be very fast in deploying said heals.

To make matters worse, you will often encounter Tactical Drones (and not even the Elite ones) who can just simply deliver their fully-charged shot THROUGH THE WALLS (*looks at Defera*), so the Cover Shield actually becomes quite useless.

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