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04-21-2013, 01:36 PM
Found some text in Search for New Romulus that doesn't quite sound right:

"The ship isn't detecting any more Tholian ships in orbit, but with our luck that'll change."

The wording seems odd since I don't recall the ship detecting any Tholian ships in orbit at all, so the more seems out of place. (Maybe cut dialog?)

In Turning Point, I think the Fed/KDF diplomats on the Flotilla need a lot more text to describe what exactly the various pros/cons of joining them are. While experienced players will likely have at least some knowledge, new players doing a Romulan as their first char wouldn't know the differences at this point. (And I mean pros/cons in their overall "philosophy" but also what equipment you do and don't get access to, access to faction home worlds/sector space, and other such things.) A choice like that, which cannot be changed, shouldn't be made without all the facts.

Also, as has been noted elsewhere, there is a targetable object (named Object) behind the statue near the third bomb that obviously should be hidden and not targetable.

Edit: Overall, the mission arc was fun and the beginning was quite interesting, and I like it better then the Federation intro.