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04-21-2013, 01:40 PM
Ever since the 2013-04-04 release, I have been having the same problem.

From the 2013-04-04 release notes...
Added the following new keybinds:
Roll Need on Loot: Defaults to Crtl+Q
Roll Greed on Loot: Defaults to Ctrl+A
Pass on Loot: Defaults to Ctrl+Z
These keybinds will also be displayed on the Need or Greed loot window near their respective buttons.
Being an old school keyboard mouse guy, Ctrl has been my fire button of choice ever since the 90's. Now, the mappings for Q, A, and Z cannot be used while firing, since they have been hardcoded into some looting menu.
So I can either turn left without firing, or fire without turning. Not a fun deal.
My only workaround was to add each weapon slot to my menu, and set them to autofire continuously. I still have to hit Ctrl at the start of the engagement, but unfortunately, I like the old fashioned mash the fire button way I used to play. Now, because of the hardcoded CTRL+ (Q,A,Z) mapping, I had to change my playstyle. I guess it frees me up for more special ability usage, but its kinda like I'm flying, and there is someone else hitting the fire button for me, with bad timing as well.

However the new loot commands were coded, it has borked the existing key combinations involving Ctrl, Q, A, and Z. Its seems that whatever your personal keymap is, now those button combos are locked down, unfortunately.

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