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04-21-2013, 01:57 PM
Found a bit of a typo in Stepping In and some issues in other missions in this arc so far. (Tradecraft in progress.)

Stepping In:
"We've stop their salvaging operations sir, we need to report what we've seen here."
I think that should be stopped.

Smash & Grab:
Throughout this mission I kept saying to myself that my character was an idiot for believing Charva so easily, especially after getting false intel from her in the previous mission.

If the Romulan Republic are supposed to be good guys, then attacking an unknown convoy (that didn't match the intel) without even an attempt at communications just didn't feel right. (In my case I decided, instead of attacking by ambush, I decloaked and let the Cardassians make the first move. AKA I didn't fire first. But in the end it still feels more like an act of piracy then anything else. Had I the option, I would have tried a more diplomatic solution at first, though I'm pretty sure it wouldn't work since those ships apparently were True Way ships.)

In Tradecraft I found the following issue:
"There is no evidence showing that D'Tan was collecting information regarding [Enemy Faction]'s Water Reclaimation."

I think I also got an extra dialog box after closing the one above that said Federation instead of Enemy Faction. (In my case the Klingons are the enemy faction, which showed up properly on other dialog boxes.)

Also, I'm sure this has been mentioned, but the rewards do not appear to scale to your level. Also the Memory Lane helmet/painting seem to have issues, as previously mentioned.

Overall, the missions so far have been interesting, but I'm not totally satisfied how quickly things escalated to violence in Memory lane without the other teams giving me a chance to explain myself. (Of course, I know this is an MMO and thus combat is the basis of the game.) Smash & Grab was the mission that I disliked the most so far, especially since in this instance I picked the Federation to ally with.