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04-21-2013, 02:59 PM
Well, they aren't 'pure' plasma weapons: they're Hybrid weapons that incorporate both Plasma and disruptor technology; There's precendent for that: Starfleet had plans for 'Plasma Phasers' as an Anti-Borg weapon, as brought up by Shelby in the 'Best of Both Worlds'

I figure the Romulan (republic) plasma (disruptor) hybrid weapons could have come about because of three major things:

1: In-game, Vulcan ships use Plasma weapons. D'Tan is a Reunificationist and supports embracing Vulcan ideology; it's unsurprising if that also includes including Vulcan Technology across the board, ergo, they combine it with their Disruptors, and get the benefits of both.

2: Borg also use Plasma weapons, and we know that the Romulan Star Empire and elements of the Tal'Shiar were seeking to incorporate Borg technology into their ships; This could easily include weapons, and it could also be something the Romulan Republic got hold of and adopted themselves.

3: Romulans have always Had a hand in Plasma projectiles; the Plasma Torpedo is infamously a trademark Romulan staple weapon; It makes perfect sense to diversify that if they can; it may be they have only been able to do so to their satisfaction (as compared to Disruptors) recently (perhaps in relation to the first 2 points)