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B-4 is indeed the 'positronic bank'. The information is in there but he simply couldn't understand it immediately. Imagine opening a book of complex mathematics far beyond your current proficiency. Where to begin? We see by the end of Nemesis, as Picard is trying to explain to him, that B-4 is partially, subconsciously even, humming the song that Data had been practicing for Riker and Troi's wedding (at the start of the film).

Data is in there under the surface. I think there is also written material in novels etc that take the story further, along the lines of Data coming back, or at least, B-4 being in full possession of Data's memories and unique behavior.
Its in the Path to 2409 book and Star Trek: Countdown comic.

They unlocked the "data matrix" in B-4 in which basically wiped out B-4 and made him Data. After a bit of testing, he was given the rank of Captain and issued command of the USS Enterprise E.
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