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04-21-2013, 02:28 PM
Oh, mate, you should have asked on the forums before you made your purchases. You could have saved some zen.

The Bortasqu' set is consisted of 3 special Bortasqu' consoles. The tac. Bortasqu' has the Disruptor Autocannon, the command Bortasqu' has the Subspace Snare and the war Bortasqu' has the Hoh'Sus Bird of Prey console.
You get the set bonus only if you have all 3 Bortasqu' special consoles equiped on your ship, just 2 of them won't cut it.

You made a mistake by purchasing the ships as a single ships if you were going for the set bonus becuase if you bought the 3-pack from C-Store you would have paid the same 5000 Zen you spent for 2 of the ships as single purchases. So, in short you need the third Bortasqu' for the set bonus.

About the Honor Guard set I don't quite know what you mean by "one size fits all", but it's a bit different than the Bortasqu' set; mainly because it can give you set bonus "Tactical Readiness' with two of the items equiped as well as additional bonus if you have all 3 equiped - "Mask Energy Signature". It can be equiped on any KDF ship.
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