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04-21-2013, 03:55 PM
Second posting.

Thank you again for the invitation. I really enjoyed Mind Game and the map was gorgeous. I'd like to see an STF (A Tal Shiar themed STF perhaps) using that map.

On that note the ship interiors were all gorgeous and I'd like to see them used in other ways. The opening of Mind Game was very powerful. The choices were frustrating. I would have enjoyed an inverse choice where you choose one believing that you were resisting but were actually doing the Tal Shiar's bidding.

Concerning the mission arc, I would have liked to have seen more dialogue options for more variety of responses. It would add texture for those who are more separatists.

It would have been a nice touch for Klingons to differentiate between Romulans and the Tal Shiar after the attempt at Khitomer. It could help signal a real change of mindset on their part.

The overall story is very enjoyable although questionable sometimes, I would not have had any contact the Tal Shiar except at an end of my plasma cannon. It did make for interesting story telling though.

I was also confused as to if I was from the starting planet or just a visitor. If that was my home planet I would have offered a stronger defense if someone accused it of producing weapons or harboring separatists. It would be nice if you added text indicating your past experience on the planet. E.g. "Look at the vineyard! It used to be so lush."


I noticed a Tal Shiar Engine, can we look forward to a set and can we assume that engine is scalable to level if the mission is replayed?

I did not get my Mogai at level 21. In fact, I would have to pay 8K dilithium for it.

I built a Sci and the Romulan ships seems do not seem Sci-friendly with two ensign sci slots (Dhelan). The power source does give sci-like powers but I felt my sci abilities and BOFF's were not being utilized effectively in space combat.

Observation: Oh btw, do not like the second set of upper wings on the Dhelan.

  • I'd like to be able to resize screens.
  • I would like to dismiss the small text windows myself. Sometimes I missed the dialogue when they closed by themselves. Hopefully the dialog is captured in the journal.
  • A Bajoran, Ginn, appears on a view screen twice instructing me to do such and so forth. He seems to be on my crew. Who is Ginn?

Graphics issues:

Moving items over the character and BOFF portraits causes the portraits to turn, raise or lower.

The weapon menu pop up's (when you hover the mouse over a weapon) seem much larger than are currently on Holodeck.

The Khitomer Bomb did not appear in any animation.

Lortrix's two cloak tails stand straight up, similar to columns, when he dies.

Head effects (texture/shadows) would wink in and out.

The portrait backgrounds on the screen, when using blown up pictures, do not look great. E.g. Zden's shuttle interior shot after his abduction.


Showing the name "New Romulus" after it has been declared the new home instead of before, would help continuity.


"I'm not the one to be order an evacuation."-Zden

In the Kinkuthaza File-"(I)n a state when (should be WHERE) identification is impossible."

Empress is used with lowercase, even when her subjects refer to her.

Drake-"(O)ur planes" (should be PLANS).
"A person in you (YOUR) situation my (MAY)."

Drake is to (TOO) much spy...

In Cloak and Dagger-

"(T)argetting (TARGETING) their sensor grid." There is a second misspelling of targeting.

Game play issues:

After level 16 my Hazard Emitters I did not work. It remained greyed out even after I moved my BOFF's around and they were removed from my layout twice.

Thanks again, hope this is helpful.
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