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Yea, the who Data in B-4's body just rubbed me all the wrong way. The "He changed the program to delete himself" explanation to be a cheap cop out. The whole "It's not murder, it was suicide" argument is dubious at best. For anther point, it would be entirely foolish to activate the Data Matrix without first having a separate place to contain it. If the Soong Insitutue was not able to create a replacement body first, what was the point of bringing back Data in the first place? Again, I think back to the bad ethics in the episode "Similtude".

The Reviewer on Ex Astris Scientia makes a very good point on the treatment of "Sim":

Thankfully, I choose too pick and choose what in the novels is hard cannon, and what is not.
My proposal for an alternate explanation:

Data's parts were not vaporized by the destruction of the Scimitar. They survived (as they have in previous situations) and were simply scattered to the four solar winds (or six as the case may be). One of the first androids or gynoids that achieved sentience made it his/her mission to recover the missing components (much like Skelly from Chrono Cross).
The positronic chips that comprised Data's brain were severely overloaded by the result of the explosion, requiring their replacement. The Data Matrix copied over from B-4 would serve as the final recovered part, sort of like a bone marrow transplant.

Another option story option is as follows:

B-4's positrionic brain simply does not have the physical capacity to contain Data's personality (as was stated in Nemesis). After it was activated, Data quickly had his personality transferred into a temporary storage device (Think Brain in a Jar). Data interacted with the Insitute's staff through a temporary interface until his new body was completed.

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