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Originally Posted by silverfaustx View Post
that could explain his ship (named envy, cough showoff)
but what about the promotion mission? that was bugged or just ends
Promotion missions are more a formality then anything. Other then a free token up to level 40, they serve no purpose. And the VA token is a veteran reward, so it is not tied to the promotions.

That said, as far as the Romulans go. You can level up as much as you want, it is just the stories stop after Temporal Ambassador, So you have to do it via Explorations/Doffs and the like. but once you get to level 50, assuming you have subscribed to STO for 600 days, you can use the VA token to get a T5 ship, even some of the c-store ships, though you don't get the Fleet module discounts for fleets, and if you accidentally dismiss it, you are SOL. Unlike if you actual bought it in the C-store. Where you can reclaim it. Works the same for a Starfleet or KDF character.