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# 1 b'rel torp boat and minelaying
04-21-2013, 07:06 PM
This is from a casual player running the tau dewa daily...

I bought a b'rel and built it as a torp boat. I tried laying tricobalt mines with dispersal patter beta 3, but when I do that I end up getting caught by my own plasma and tricobalt bursts and getting badly damaged, or I lay the mines too far away to do any good. Furthermore, the mines rarely do much, as they take so long to arm the enemy usually moves away or destroys them.

How do you guys lay mines effectively?

I'll add this - my natural inclination with the boat is to stay completely out of knife-fighting range. I arm it with torps front and back, and try to stay at 5+ range. That seems to work out very well for me.