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Originally Posted by marc8219 View Post
Not everyone always plays cats like you and can jump over shields all the time, its really bad when you have 4 idiots on your team all spamming it in the way and you cant kill the shields because its your teams. I had that happen to me today.

Also when you have that many engs on a team you constantly get weapon malfunction spammed then you can never use hypo because you always using a cell. Either make a skill give some resistance to it or lower duration.
Last time I checked enough of the ground pvp population are cats anyway. But spamming weapon malfunction wouldn't be something Hammer does.

If by some chance we ran a 4 engy team which frankly we don't even have 4 engys that I can remember, we sure as heck wouldn't all run equip tech or enemy neut kits. Odds are one of us would run turrets mortars maybe even a bunker for shield gens and dome.

Also your logic about spamming weapons malfunction leads to another argument of anything that can be spammed by teams of the same class will get spammed forget about engys.

What if a team of sci all just stayed back and spammed physics and burned you guys to death. What if a team of 5 sci's just tanked you all to death? Better yet what if a team of 5 tacts simply chain sup fire you to death? Honestly I would rather be chained by weapons malfunction before any of these alternatives. And also if you haven't cleared the weapons malfunction with a power cell you do get an immunity to it for 30 seconds if I recall right.

The point is of all classes and things to cry nerf about it seems like you picked the most underpowered things to be chosen for the nerf bat. To the poster above you Marc is speaking in terms of pvp play. Pve is well let's just say I eat dinner in one hand while playing the game with my second hand while i run stf's

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