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Found it - the actual quote is from DS9 - Tears of the Prophets

"Notice the primitive rage in his eye... the uncontrolled brutality. Klingons can be quite entertaining, don't you agree? I think every Romulan zoo should have a pair"

Feds/Romulan/Klingons were sitting around the wardroom table discussing the invasion of Cardassia - klingons and Romulans start insulting each other.

The story in STO is so irritating - the Federation and Klingons should be the ones to be allies. They are much more similar in nature.
IIRC, in the real world it has been observed that more often than not, our similarities are what divide us, either by highlighting our differences, or by the synergy of having the same vices. What made the Klingon/Federation alliance WORK, was that the differences were complementary-that is, the vices didn't exaggerate one another while the virtues filled in the usual gaps. The Romulans have an exaggerated collection of the SAME vices the Federation has, plus the vices of the Klingons, with a twisted-mirror version of the virtues of both of those states.

They have the aggression of the Klingons, but without the courage.
They have the Arrogance of the Federation, but without the Altruism.
They have the Rationality (technical capability) of the Federation, but without the Moral compass to guide or restrain it.

The Klingon Honour system is built around a warrior's code intended to draw vendettas to a quick ending, The Romulan system of honour is designed to DRAW OUT Vendettas and keep them going, to prolong them.

In a way, the Klingons are really MORE like the Federation-they're not interested in extended cold-wars, it goes against their temprament. Romulans, on the other hand, thrive on indirect conflicts and maintaining a state of 'cold war' for as long as is feasably possible-hence the Romulan honour system could well mandate giving your bitterest enemy your last drop of water in the desert.

This "Indirect" aggression can indeed fool an Altruist into thinking the Roms have more in common with the Feds (besides the genetic link to the Vulcans), but it's a shallow analysis.

In short, if you presume the Feds are Democratic, then the Romulans are Courtiers, and the Klingons are Barbarians.

(Note that a famed Chinese Philosopher once observed that "The fundamental difference between a barbarian and a civilized man is, the Barbarian does not torture for pleasure." or words to that effect, in chinese...)

A Klink interrogator may beat the truth out of you, but a Romulan will torture you for giggles, that's the difference and it's all the difference needed.
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