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Originally Posted by marc8219 View Post
Not everyone always plays cats like you and can jump over shields all the time, its really bad when you have 4 idiots on your team all spamming it in the way and you cant kill the shields because its your teams. I had that happen to me today.

Also when you have that many engs on a team you constantly get weapon malfunction spammed then you can never use hypo because you always using a cell. Either make a skill give some resistance to it or lower duration.
Funny enough, when I run ground PvP on my engies (either Fed or Klink) I'm usually the only one-or one of at most two, on the team, and it's a nice refreshment from being supernumerary in space to the Tacs and Sci's out there.

as in, it's nice to be effective and useful-and accepted as such, Notably, people seem to prefer it when I drop turrets and make nice cover-shields for them, provide mortar support, drone spam, or lay nice minefields and set booby-traps, rather than trying to use weapons malfunction powers that any idiot can clear with a power-cell, after which he's immune for 30 seconds (long enough to close the distance and send me to respawn-sometimes with pure physical attacks.)

Nope, it's much better to block the back door with a cover-shield, set up a couple mortars and a turret, deploy seeker drone and support drone, and make a kill-box, even nicer if I have an engie buddy with me who can add a minefield and a command-detonated bomb, or plant a nice shield gennie and healing-generator nearby. Weapons malf is kind of a "me too" ability of narrow use most of the time, often less useful to the team than the things I just described, which things tend to work EVERY TIME (to a limited extent) and are a LOT harder to clear than "Trigger power cell with a keybind".
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