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Originally Posted by akistos View Post
Pugging for The Cure Found elite is ASKING for a failure.

I inevitably have to PM someone who isn't watching Team chat and say "don't blow up the cube yet or raptors will start spawning."

I've not ONCE had a person listen. The inevitable raptor spam winds up overwhelming the team and destroying the kang.

I actually had a person try to argue with me after the match saying it was "probes, spawns, probes, spawns, cube, then move to second cube."

Ugh. Stupid people make an already precarious mission even worse. Learn the game you moronic pugs.
That tactic he described ONLY WORKS UNDER TIGHT CONDITIONS...or in "Normal". If you're still working the first set of probes and someone's already been shot down, you really can't "Zipper" each stack in turn-you have to work it systematically-kill all the probes on all three stacks, THEN start zapping cubes either right-to-left, or left-to-right.

It's a matter of DPS. Most PuGs are Fed, most PuGs in Elites have very little PvP experience and even have trouble in SB24 missions, most don't know how to set up a ship, or don't 'get' that you can adjust your power-levels or use presets to boost your damage, sheilds, or engines depending on the situation.

Worst recent one for me, was two grayed out early, I'm in a Vor'cha (not exactly sooper-DPS machine) drawing aggro off of a Kumari, while his buddy zippered the right side with the other two stacks intact.

All the Warp Plasma in the UNIVERSE isn't going to hold seven raptors, 1 Negh'var, and eight Assimilated Bops off the Kang while the Vesta and the Beam-boat Rainbow skittle defiant with six injuries respawn.

The mission took less than 3 minutes to fail. THIS is how you fail at Cure Space Elite, RML works just about every time in "Normal", it ONLY works in Cure ELITE if MOST of the team are running "hot ships" with the right power settings, good builds, and a working strategy.
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